A Directory of Directories!

FindBlackBusinesses.com is a directory of Black Business Directories. We help consumers discover a more diverse array of Black owned businesses and businesses discover more avenues to their tribe! Categorized by Apps, Marketplaces, and Locality you’ll be able to find a directory that works best for you.

The Foundation of Shop 96 Hours

Find Black Businesses is part of the Buy Black initiative, Shop 96 HOURS. Shop 96 Hours has a simple  goal to create one place for the  most-likely-to-buy consumers to discover Black businesses during the height of the buying seasons. 

Outcomes You Make Happen

Your participation empowers a movement, economically healthy self sufficient communities!


  • exponentially increase awareness of the business directories and their members
  • increase directories’ consumer and business memberships
  • increase access to a diversity of products and services of Black owned businesses  
  • increase access to discounts and specials – look, we ain’t too proud to save! 
  • increase revenue among directories and businesses